About us


 About the Author

My name is Carla Cox, author of the Syl-la-dot Reading Program. The beginnings of Syl-la-dot began to emerge more than three decades ago when I began my professional career teaching in the Wyandotte Public Schools. It was about the same time that I started my own business as Reading Specialist and Diagnostician of the LTR Reading Clinic. With a Masters of Arts (M.A.) in Reading as well as a Masters of Arts (M.A.) in Special Education/Learning Disabilities, I felt qualified in my efforts to remediate students with varying degrees of reading dysfunctions. With the right interventions in place, it is my belief that everyone is capable of reading. All students want to experience reading success. This program is designed to provide students the tools they need to succeed. We want all students to reach their reading potential.


What is Syl-la-dot?

Syl-la-dot is a comprehensive reading program that provides a fresh and innovative approach to the teaching of reading. It offers students an alternative method that is visually more simplistic and less frustrating when decoding unknown words. All pages are clean without clutter and void of unnecessary distractions. As a result, students are more relaxed and are better able to attend to the comprehension aspects of the reading process. Syl-la-dot represents the integration of both new and traditional reading methods, compiled into an easy-to-use workbook format. Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modalities are utilized to promote long-term learning and recall. Students of all ages and levels will benefit from this uniquely designed reading program.


What Makes Us Different?

Developing a new reading program that could accommodate a wide range of students was conceived back in 1991 and has been informally evolving ever since. This powerful reading method has been overwhelmingly effective for learners of all ages with diverse modality preferences. Positive results have been been achieved in a variety of teaching situations including individual, small group, and normal classroom. After twenty-five (25) years of development, this reading program now has a name: Syl-la-dot. As of 2016, students continue to excel with this phenomenal reading program.