Syl-la-dot is a multi-modality reading program that accommodates students' modality preferences and learning styles.  Basic reading skills such as decoding, comprehension, blending, and fluency skills are taught and reinforced at every level.  This program represents the integration of both new and traditional reading methods, compiled into an easy-to-use workbook format that is also easy to teach.  If you can read, you can teach Syl-la-dot.  Each level has an accompanying manual that is scripted for your convenience.  The dialogue is brief and can be used during daily reading activities.  Students of all ages and levels will benefit from this uniquely designed system of reading.

Think of a phone number.  How would you write it?  What format would be the easiest to read and understand?








It is safe to assume most people would choose to use parenthesis and a hyphen.  Why?  This format shows the meaningful segments and lets you recognize patterns.  If we see a phone number without these segments, we naturally want to break them apart in our minds.  This same concept can be applied to words.  Let's take a look at a long word most of us are familiar with:

This is like writing a phone number as 1234567890.  Those who understand syllables can sound it out by breaking it apart, piece by piece.  For those who don't, it looks like an impossible task.  Syl-la-dot teaches the necessary skills in order to decode these longer words by separating them into syllables:

This is like writing a phone number as (123) 456-7890.  Longer words don't seem so difficult when written like this.  It provides a way to visualize and learn patterns.

After the words are broken apart into syllables, dots are added above the sounded vowels.  By pointing out the vowel sounds you hear, silent vowels will no longer cause confusion.


Author / Consultant for Syl-la-dot Reading Program
Diagnostician / Owner of LTR Reading Clinic
M.A. Reading
M.A. Special Education
Teacher / Wyandotte Public Schools