Is Syl-la-dot specifically designed for individual or classroom use?

Since the reading program requires direct instruction, it can be successfully administered in both individual and classroom group settings.


Is The Syl-la-dot reading program easy to implement?

The accompanying teaching booklet provides simple, step-by-step instructions––implementation becomes an easy task.


Is there any special training necessary to implement the program?

Knowledgeable adults, possessing reading and phonetic skills, can easily administer the Syl-la-dot reading series.


How many workbooks are required per grade level?

Each level includes two workbooks, Part 1 and 2, that are intended to be completed within a regular academic year.


Why does the program include consumable workbooks and not hardcover texts?

Syl-la-dot is a multi-modality program that involves visual, auditory, and kinesthetic components that can only be facilitated using a consumable workbook formate.


Is Syl-la-dot oriented toward a particular type of student?

This reading series is designed to accommodate various learning styles of all students with/or without reading dysfunctions.


Is it necessary to start at the beginning grade level to be successful at higher levels of the Syl-la-dot reading program?

If the purpose is to remediate a student's low reading skills, then it is important to begin at a level where the student begins to experience difficulties.


How do you know which grade level package to order?

The Syl-la-dot reading series includes an assessment option to help determine a student's approximate reading level, you should order the level at which the student begins to experience difficulty.


Is Syl-la-dot considered a complete or supplemental reading program?

Depending upon your goals, this program can be treated as one or both.  If a family or school system has already adopted a reading textbook series, they may purchase Syl-la-dot as a supplemental reading program; others seek a new complete program that is going to provide reading opportunities for all of their students.