The licensing option allows schools the opportunity to purchase the Syl-la-dot Reading Program in an electronic format.  The school would be responsible for printing all Syl-la-dot content and organizing into its workbook format prior to actual implementation.  Annual fees are normally charged per student usage

Pricing Per Student
$8   Classroom
$7   School
$6   Entire District
$5   Entire District (5 or more schools)

How to Proceed
      1.  Contact us and provide the following information:
           •  Name / location of school
           •  Name / contact information of authorizing person
           •  Desired reading levels / how many students per level
           •  Best time to contact you for follow-up
      2.  Complete and return licensing agreement
      3.  Receive PDF files to print
      4.  Establish a convenient in-service training date for your teachers. 

First Year Free
Any school/school district adopting the Syl-la-dot Reading Program will receive free licensing for the first year. 

Successfully refer another school / school district and receive an additional year of free licensing for your entire school / school district.